Book Review of Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats

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Helpful Score: 6

If you're interested in how to get the most nutrition out of your foods, then I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

This is an amazing collection of information. It really does turn pretty much all of the generally held opinions completely on their heads. I have found it incredibly helpful and am looking forward to trying the recipes. Since my family and I have more food sensitivities than others seem to, I'm hoping that it allows us to start eating foods we had to cut out before, now that we can start eating them and/or preparing them correctly.

To respond to some of what Rachel said, I don't believe this is meant to be an introduction to eating whole foods. This to me looks like a manual or reference guide once you've already made the leap and hung out in whole foods for a while. As for the eating of raw meat, if you read the author's intent, you've known the cow its whole life, what it ate and how it lived. Chances of e-coli coming from a grass-fed cow given free pasture, that you've followed from the time it was born, and you also knew how much care was taken in the slaughter, it might not be such a worrisome thing. That said, I don't even eat sushi, so raw meat is something I would be skipping. But I might not be so averse to a bit of pink in my steak, where right now I can't handle even the smallest amount.

I think it's dangerous to go whole hog unless you've a lot of time, preparation, and/or spare containers everywhere, not to mention an empty fridge. I've decided to take things step by step. We're going to try ketchup and mustard first, and maybe a fermented drink. I also have the ability to buy sprouted grain bread, tortillas, and flour where I live, so I'm ready to do that. One day I'd like to sprout my own but only after I get my feet wet. If I were to throw out all my food and start over this would be so overwhelming, so don't feel like you must do that! My mother on the other hand has problems with nuts, so she will be making the crispy nuts first. Start small and gain confidence (and the taste buds) and maybe it'll change all our lives for the better!