Book Review of Affair

Author: Amanda Quick
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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The author created a Prologue for both the heroine and a separate one for the hero. After her stepfather had run through the family fortune and been killed, Charlotte had to create a way to maintain herself and her younger sister, Ariel. To that end, she became a discrete investigator of men (who wanted to marry older women who suddenly came into some money).

At the time the story opens, Charlotte is interviewing Baxter St. Ives for a job as a man-of-affairs. What she needs is a forgettable face that is well-versed in asking questions. I gave the book a four stars for the following: I could not believe a woman of such strong opinions would change her mind about hiring St. Ives on such flimsy reasoning. Second, I did not find it realistic that they began an intimate relationship on such short acquaintance. I might have given the book a lower rating but the story is interesting and it moves quickly to a rousing conclusion.