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Book Review of The Plot Against America

The Plot Against America
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Helpful Score: 14

This book has a brilliant premise. What if FDR was not elected to an unprecedented third term? What if the President elect was Charles Lindbergh, an overwhelmingly popular figure, who was also an isolationist and admirer of Hitler?
The book has an overwhelming feeling of oppression and doom, which is undoubtedly the authors intention. The story is not told from a broad prospective, but from the eyes of a nine year old Philip Roth, the authors potential other self. This device gives one a view of history not from a world wide story, but rather from the way history can impact a very small part of the world.
Many parallels can be drawn between this alternate history, and much of what has happened with the past 2 Presidential elections, with the division between Red & Blue states. Clearly using the divisions of pre WW II and the divisions going on today was one of the authors intentions. A provocative view of what if, that is an eye opening parable for people who shake many things off, saying it could never happen here.
The ending of the book at times felt rushed, and an absolution of certain of the power players in the story, however I recommend this book very highly.