Book Review of 600 Hours of Edward

600 Hours of Edward
600 Hours of Edward
Author: Craig Lancaster
Book Type: Paperback
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600 Hours of Edward is the debut novel by author Craig Lancaster and after reading it, it won't be his last.

The story itself revolves around Edward Stanton, who has Asperger's Syndrome, which makes for interesting moments throughout the book. Edward is man that likes his facts and keeps track of not so random pieces of data daily. In addition to keeping track of facts, he also adores Joe Friday of TV's Dragnet due him being "just about the facts".

Edward has had a difficult time in life dealing with people and being around them. As the novel progresses Edward begins internet dating as well befriending the neighbor boy and his Mother. Its then that you see the character Edward grow.

As Edward finds new relationships with those around him, its the relationship with his Father that gives him the most pain. Without revealing too much, the relationship between Edward and his Father comes by way of a lawyer who sends letters to Edward when his Father feels it necessary to remind Edward who pays the bills. A situation that fills Edward with much pain and contempt towards his Father.

Its been awhile since I've felt invested in a character from a novel, but I felt invested in Edward as I wanted to see him succeed in the things he felt were important. I wanted his relationship with his Father to work out, because it bothered him so.

There are many moments that I found myself laughing because of Edward's antics. If Edward was a real person, he'd have no idea why I found him funny. His honesty is sort of sweet, but he can be a bit too honest at times as well which makes for some awkward and funny moments.

The whole scene the night before his internet date, the date itself, as well as the aftermath of the date are wonderfully written (as is the novel itself) and lead me to finish the rest of the book in one sitting.

I highly recommend this book. I think you'll really enjoy reading the character Edward and his commentary on life, people, and everything else that drives him crazy. I don't often read books twice, but this is just one of those books I would, just to re read some of the great Edward quotes.

So take the journey with Edward. You won't be disappointed.