Book Review of Night Secrets (Night, Bk 2) (T-FLAC, Bk 13)

Night Secrets (Night, Bk 2) (T-FLAC, Bk 13)
Night Secrets (Night, Bk 2) (T-FLAC, Bk 13)
Author: Cherry Adair
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2

Paranormal action series, somewhat similar to her Edge books.

Heroes are members of TFLAC [her ongoing series:] - the psi branch. The second book takes place in a high-end Brazilian beauty spa where they do the ultimate makeovers - the kind that involve knives and needles... The heroine is writing a book, the [naked:] hero shows up and forces her to 'cover' for him [literally as well as figuratively:]. This hero also is having power problems... The plot is complicated by bio-terrorism, multiple murders to supply illegal organ transplants, and a mysterious something else alluded to but not resolved in this book.

You could probably read 2 before 1 if you had to - but the story arc is moving to completion in 3 so that should definitely be read last.

Night Series:
1 Night Fall
2 Night Secrets
3 Night Shadow