Book Review of Women of the Silk

Women of the Silk
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Here we have the story of Pei who is sold to the Silkmakers and Lin, who is currently working there. They develop a deep friendship and that is what helps them make it through the hours and the onerous, tedious and difficult task of making silk. The girls become very close. Eventually they lead a walk out of the workers to get better conditions. Ms. Tsukiyama writes so smoothly it is like drinking warm tea, a sip here, a sip there. She has a mastery of making you feel as though you are there. In her next book, The Language of Threads, she continues the story of Pei and Lin. I most highly recommend this book to anyone who is partial to literature about women, especially Asian women and their struggles and triumphs. If you liked, The Joy Luck Club, I believe you will enjoy this book and its sequel.