Book Review of Aunt Dimity's Death (Aunt Dimity, Bk 1)

Aunt Dimity's Death (Aunt Dimity, Bk 1)
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First of all, allow me to say that I truly enjoyed this book. It moved along at a reasonable pace, neither too quickly nor too slowly. The characters are well-developed, and interesting enough that I want very much to know more about them.
That being said, however, I did not get what I expected from this book. To me, a mystery is synonymous with a whodunit - there has been some crime commited (usually murder, though sometimes theft), and the protagonists must discover the who, or sometimes just the how, of things. That is not what this book is about.
I would classify this as a quest story. That the quest is as much mental & spiritual as it is physical does not diminish this. Yes, there is something that must be discovered, but you will find no crimes here, and the only corpses died of natural causes.
Really, this is much more a story about how much and, sometimes, how little we know about our parents. About how our parents seem to us, at least for a time, to be nearly perfect, and how difficult it is to live up to that. But it is also about love - not only romance, though that is certainly included, but also about the love for family.
So, if you're looking for Miss Marple, move along. But if you're looking for a book that will catch you and hold you until the last page, you've come to the right place.