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Book Review of Nightmare!valley Scre (Nightmares! How Will Yours End?)

Nightmare!valley Scre (Nightmares! How Will Yours End?)
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As a naive child, I had never heard of the screaming statue.
Until that awful day.

That awful day, while riding my bike down the street, a car full of hooligans drove by. The car pulled along side me, and one of the passengers leaned out of the window. Even though the car was moving, I could see the menace in his eyes as he yelled the question that I wish I had never heard -- "Can you tell me where the SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAMING statue is?!"

Ever since that day, I've been obsessed with the legend of the screaming statue. Where was it located? Who built it? And why is it screaming? Don Wulffson and Dominick Domingo have created a spine-tingling story that explains the origins of the screaming statues.

Readers get to choose which way the story ends. Take it from me -- choose the ending that takes you as far away from the screaming statue as possible.

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