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Book Review of Dreamfever (Fever, Bk 4)

Dreamfever (Fever, Bk 4)
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Wow! This has more action and suspense than the previous three books in the series. This isn't a stand alone story. Don't start the Fever series with Dreamfever. This book is also steamier than the previous book. Given Mac's priya status, you know that sex has to be a part of the book, but those sections are not overly graphic.

Mac is reborn after the terrible ordeal in the last book. She wakes up from the incident not remembering anything about herself. She's saved from the Unseelie Princes not by Barrons or V'Lane, but by a rather most unexpected secondary character. However, Barrons has a big part to play in the story. This book takes the relationship between Mac and Barrons to a whole another level. It's a pity their first time together happens the way it does because it deprives the reader of knowing what would have happened had Mac been herself.

I thought the previous book was dark, but this book is even darker. Mac is very strong. She has new abilities. With help from Barrons, Mac manages to overcome what happened to her in the previous book. The "help" Barrons gives her surprised me. He showed a completely different side of his character. He brought her out of her priya state, but Mac being Mac still distrusts him. There were moments in the book where I felt that, had she said something else rather than what she said, their relationship would have gone a different way instead of the usual angsty, push and pull relationship they have with each other. It seemed like he was waiting for something from her and she was too obtuse or too guarded to say it. He's the type of person who won't say "I love you" in words, but rather through actions. He does a lot in this book that shows how much he cares for Mac. If you're looking for romance the way romance books are written, you'll be disappointed. Barrons isn't the mushy type. However, if you want him to stay in character and take care of Mac, you'll like this book. This isn't a romance novel like Moning's Highlander books. The Fever series is urban fantasy/action with a dash of sexual tension between the hero and heroine. Barrons is like Bones in the Night Huntress series by Jeanine Frost. Neither one apologizes for who they are. You take them as they are in their entirety or you don't. They not your classic good-guy heroes, but neither are they antiheroes either.

The ending in this book is a major cliffhanger. It blows all the cliffhangers in the previous Fever books. The cliffhanger reveals something about Barrons that up to now we haven't learned although if you read this book carefully, especially what Mac calls Barrons when she's in her priya state, you'll realize the author heavily foreshadows that bit of information about Barrons.

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