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Book Review of Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies
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As a brand new attorney, fortysomething Becky Weston is having a hard time earning the respect of her colleagues. But all that changes when a college acquaintance--not quite an enemy but never a friend--hires Becky as lead counsel. The client, Dr. Bobbie Crystol, is the proprietor of a thriving but dubious corporation whose mission is to promise longevity to the aging masses through positive attitudes and lots of questionable "herbal" remedies. Becky's senior partner is thrilled that the novice attorney has reeled in such a big fish, and between supporting two growing children, caring for an aging mother, and battling her ex-husband's widow over her children's rightful inheritance, Becky is in no position to refuse the work. As she tries to understand why Bobbie came to her, Becky uncovers disquieting truths both about her firm's partners and about Bobbie's business. But she also uncovers some truths of her own, which she had buried beneath her quest to have it all. A nice mix of legal thriller and coming-of-middle-age drama.