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Book Review of Only The Good Spy Young (Gallagher Girls, Bk 4)

Only The Good Spy Young (Gallagher Girls, Bk 4)
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Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.com

ONLY THE GOOD SPY YOUNG starts the reader off with heart-pounding suspense...as can be expected in the Gallagher Girl series.

Cammie is on winter break in England with Bex and her MI-6 parents and an army of agents watching over her. But on New Year's while ice skating, she finds Zach watching her across the ice. All of a sudden, the rink goes dark and her Covert Ops teacher, Mr. Solomon, tries to steal her away. Cammie can't figure out why Mr. Solomon is being chased by MI-6 or why he would tell her to "follow the pigeons." It's after he jumps off a drawbridge to escape the agents that Cammie's world starts turning all over again.

Cammie is led to believe that Mr. Solomon is part of "The Circle" that tried to kidnap her before. If Cammie knew anything, it was that Mr. Solomon was one of the few people she could trust implicitly. She can't imagine he is part of The Circle or could harm her. But all evidence is pointing to just that.

When Cammie and Bex return to school to start their spring term, things have drastically changed. Cammie is forbidden to leave the grounds, and all the secret passageways she spent years discovering are gone. With the help of Bex, Liz, and Macey, the four girls are determined to figure out Mr. Solomon's cryptic message, and discover the secrets he wants her to know.

Of course, Zach, the dreamy Blackthorne boy who always seems to show up when Cammie is in the most danger, is figured prominently in ONLY THE GOOD SPY YOUNG. But Zach is connected to Mr. Solomon somehow, and again, Cammie doesn't know who she can believe in.

There is a new teacher at school, taking over Covert Ops, Mr. Townson. Cammie met him when she was debriefed in England after the attempted kidnapping by Mr. Solomon. Mr. Townson is hiding something, and Cammie and the girls don't trust him, either.

I can't tell you how frustrated I was when I got to the final page. I was like, "What? NO!!!" There is nothing like a total cliffhanger to leave the reader in eager anticipation for the next installment. Because there HAS to be a follow-up to this one; there HAS to be! According to Ms. Carter's website, she ultimately plans on six books. So, The Circle is still out there, mysteries abound as to what happened to Cammie's dad, and Cammie the Chameleon won't rest until she can bring closure.

As long as The Circle exists, Cammie will never be safe. If you've read the first three books in the Gallagher Girl series, you won't want to miss ONLY THE GOOD SPY YOUNG. The story delves deeper than the previous ones, and the action is continuous and exciting. Cammie is coming into her own, and Ms. Carter has added that extra element to this one to make the story even more addicting.

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