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Book Review of A True and Perfect Knight

A True and Perfect Knight
A True and Perfect Knight
Author: Susan Charnley
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Book Description

Live by the sword...
Sir Haven de Sessions was named a true and perfect knight by all: the ladies for his expertise in bed, the men for his battle prowess, and King Edward for his unfailing loyalty. But Genvieve Dreyford knew his armor disguised a coal-black heart. And though Genvieve had the beauty of an angel, Sir Haven knew her form and figure were marred by a treacherous soul.

Love by the sword...
Then the two were ordered to marry - the widow of a traitor and Edward's most trusted knight. Bowing to their sovereign's will, they consummated their vows in a night of fire. They found a need that scorched with its intensity, a need that drove them to seek the truth - about each other and their past - a need born not of lust, but of true and perfect love.