Book Review of Broken Dishes (Benni Harper, Bk 11)

Broken Dishes (Benni Harper, Bk 11)
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I'm sorry I started in the middle of this series, but I read it with pleasure anyway. It was so much fun that now I'm going to hunt up the other titles and start at the beginning.
BROKEN DISHES is a light who-dunnit with a plethora of suspects, odd red herrings, but no outright author fibs. Check yourself out halfway through and see if you've figured out who did what to whom, when, and where...
As with other titles in the series, 'Broken Dishes' is the name of a particular quilt pattern.

From back cover: Benni's friend and her husband have decided to open a dude ranch. And while their intentions may be good, business is not. Benni figures they could use some help. Her plan? To tempt vacationers with a western extravaganza. Soon Benni is cooking and quilting with a whole slew of western tenderfoots. But when a dog finds a human bone on the property and then Benni uncovers the remains of a murdered man, she must team up with her old nemesis, Detective Hudson, to unearth the truth behind a terrible crime.