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Book Review of Mistress By Midnight

Mistress By Midnight
Mistress By Midnight
Author: Maggie Robinson
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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I read "Mistress By Marriage" first which I believe came after this book. I was slightly disappointed with how similar Laurette and Caroline's self-dialogue was (I don't deserve to be happy because I've done terrible things). I hope Charlie's story isn't more of the same thing.

The story itself as a whole wasn't bad. Two young lovers broken by circumstances come back together later on in their lives. Con wants to reconcile with the mistakes of his past in regards to Laurette and his children. While Laurette just wants to survive life without making any major damage.

The end was very abrupt. I downloaded it from the library so I kept going back to make sure I didn't accidentally skipped a page on my reader. It seems like we went through so much with the characters that we should have closure with all the characters involved.

It was an okay read. Not great but not horrible.