Book Review of Bite: The Girl Who Was Infatuated with Death / One Word Answer / Biting in Plain Sight / Galahad / Blood Lust

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I was glad I read this book because it filled in the blanks for some of the series I've been reading by the various authors.

LAURELL K. HAMILTON - "The Girl Who Was Infatuated by Death": Also appears in her book "Strange Candy" so don't get this book if you're looking for something new. Occurs between "Blue Moon" and "Obsidian Butterfly." Basic plot: Mother wants Anita to help her find her daughter before she "goes vampire." Big Question: Will Anita have sex with Jean-Claude?

CHARLAINE HARRIS - "One Word Answer": A must for Sookie Stackhouse fans. This is the story that tells how Sookie found out about her cousin Hadley's death and her inheritance that causes her to go to New Orleans for the story in a full-length book. Helps explain things so you don't feel like you've missed a whole book because of all the references to this one short story.

MARYJANICE DAVIDSON - "Biting in Plain Sight": I was a bit surprised at how much I liked this story since I usually find this author's writing so vulgar. If you're looking for her usual method of inserting foul language every sentence or two for no reason, then you'll have to wait until Betsy the Queen shows up toward the end. This tells the story of how Dr. Sophie Trudeau (vet) and Liam Thompson became a couple. They are two characters who play prominent roles in one of the later books (Undead and Unpopular?). Cute story - I find I like her short stories about peripheral characters much better than the longer ones about the central characters who are so annoying.

ANGELA KNIGHT - "Galahad": Very interesting take on the King Arthur legend, making knights the vampires (Magi) who must feed from females who have magical powers (Majae). Of course, this feeding turns sexual. So, Galahad, a 1600-yr-old vampire, and Caroline, a brand new Maja, must join forces (and several choice body parts) to fight off the vampires conspiring to take over the Mageverse with their evil plot.

VICKIE TAYLOR - "Blood Lust": Evil vampire funds microbioligist's work to create a synthetic blood that would save countless lives. Evil vampire steals the formula and the doctor's girlfriend. Doctor decides to get even by becoming a vampire himself, killing the evil vampire and girlfriend (to free her soul), retrieving the formula for the good of the world, and then killing himself (the freeing-the-soul thing). Will he succeed in his noble endeavor? Will he have sex with the nearest female? Will there be a twist at the end? You'll have to read it to find out....