Book Review of The Angel's Game (Cemetery of Forgotten Books, Bk 2)

The Angel's Game (Cemetery of Forgotten Books, Bk 2)
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The Angel's Game is the 2nd of a three book set titled "The Cemetery of Forgotten Books". Each book was written as standalone, interconnected novels. The author describes this series as a Chinese box of fiction, essentially a game with the readers as they step into the shoes of a character. Zafon transports readers to gothic Barcelona in the 1920's and the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, the secret, grand library introduced in The Shadow of the Wind.

Experiences of David Martin, the charming, humorous, young writer early in the book has Inferences to Dickens' Great Expectations. David begins his career writing penny dreadful tales using a pseudonym. As his passion to be a credible published author grows, David accepts a commission from a mysterious French publisher to research and write a book about religion and the entry into Zafon's dark gothic world begins.

The Angel's Game is not restricted to a specific genre. It is a historical thriller, detective mystery, love story, supernatural tale, and occasionally steam punk. Along with many references to classic books and famous writers, Zafon incorporates his love of music in this tale. An unusual treat is the soundtrack he created especially for The Angel's Game which can be played online at