Book Review of Murder in Waiting (Gus Maltravers, Bk 5)

Murder in Waiting (Gus Maltravers, Bk 5)
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Icons of the sixties records and TV scene Jenni Hilton had vanished following the suicide of universally despised recording mogul Barry Kenshaw. Now she wants to manage a carefully controlled comeback. An interview with "The Chronicle" is the first step.
Gus Maltravers smelled one hell of an angle. His interview with the elusive star confirms his gut theory; a conspiracy of silence has been protecting not only a killer but also the witness who had lied to damn a nan they all hated.
Another shocking death puts Maltravers on the trail of an ancient scheme of revenge by someone ready to even the score-someone whose life has been fueled for twenty years ona burning dream of vengeance.