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Book Review of All That Glitters (Landry, Bk 3)

All That Glitters (Landry, Bk 3)
All That Glitters (Landry, Bk 3)
Author: V. C. Andrews
Genre: Horror
Book Type: Paperback
niigiikwe avatar reviewed on
Helpful Score: 2

I love VC Andrews books.... however, I've found that since her passing her family hired another author to continue writing using her name, and suppposedly continue to finish some unfinished manuscripts. This is not working for me. I can tell the difference in the writing immediately. The way to tell the difference is while VC Andrews may write a series, i.e., the Landry Series, they are complete stories, and leave you satisfied with the story. However, the new author has taken to write extremely poorly written short story books (less than 150 pages) about one character, the second book, the third book, the fourth book, and the fifth book are all the aame; each of these books are about one certain character and stops as the character is about to start their life. FINALLY!!! after you read all five of these books, there is an ACTUAL REAL BOOK, defined by not only the length (around 300 pages), that bring all the characters from the previous FIVE short stories (which you pay full book price $6-$7) and THEN and only THEN do you actually get a book that may be worth reading to some, but not actual VC Andrew readers. In my humble opinion, the family of VC Andrews are not only being extremely greedy by using their family members' name but by using an author who has not the skill enough to actually write a complete manuscript. Before knowing what was transpiring, I began to buy the "shooting stars" series, and the "runaway" series, which both left me feeling not only dissatisfied, but JIPPED. So, I stopped reading the garbage short stories, and read the "final" book to the series just to give the author a "fair" chance, and found I couldn't get even halfway through the final book of the "runaway" series. Again, in my humble opinion, STICK WITH THE ORIGINAL VC ANDREWS BOOKS!! Do not waste your money, or time searching for these other books. Let VC Andrews rest, and let her keep her magnificant gift! This other "author" should be sued for using her name on this garbage, even though the family authorized this robbing of the gift of their family member.... namely her name.

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