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Book Review of Time to Run (Navy SEALs Team Twelve, Bk 3)

Time to Run (Navy SEALs Team Twelve, Bk 3)
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The books in this series are full of passion, action-adventure, and suspense, and if you haven't had the chance to read them yet, you need to pick them up today!

Chief Petty Officer Chase "Westy" McCaffrey was having a bad day when he strode into the Trial Services Building at Oceana Naval Base. It wasn't just that he needed the signature of a JAG lawyer to sign off on a case, or the fact that he'd just returned from sniper duty in a bad hot spot. It wasn't even really the fact that his stepfather was dead; rather, it was the fact that he had to head back to Oklahoma to take control of the McCaffrey land that the lazy, cruel, and insufferable man had been living on. When he sees Sara Garret, wife of infamous prosecuting JAG attorney Captain Bartholomew Garret, he's immediately struck, once again, by her skittishness. When Sara asks to meet with him only a day later, in a secluded park, he figures out why she's always seemed so nervous-Sara claims to need to escape her husband, and wants Chase to take her and her son with him to Oklahoma.

Sara Garret is a woman who, for all intents and purposes, is an abused wife. Her husband demands absolute perfection from her, and also crazy things like arranging their groceries in the cabinets in alphabetical order. When she fails at any task he's given her, or disobeys him in any way, he takes something away from her-which is why, for several months, she hasn't been allowed to drive. But Sara has been forming a plan, a way to escape. Then things boil over when her husband strangles her son's rabbit, simply for the boy playing his music too loud, and Sara knows she has to make her move.

Chase instinctively refuses to help Sara when she asks for his assistance. Later, though, he has a change of heart, and shows up telling her and Kendal to hop into his car on his way out of town. As newspapers flash stories of Sara and Kendal's disappearance and possible kidnapping, Sara and Chase realized that it's going to take a lot more than just leaving town to get rid of Captain Garret. One way or another, though, this man has to go.

When Sara realizes that she's developing feelings for Chase that are more than those of a friend, she's more panicked than ever. She doesn't have the time or the energy for a relationship, but Chase treats her differently, more like a woman, than any man in her life ever has. As for Chase, although he realizes the dangers in having a relationship with Sara, he's determined to protect her and her son from harm at any and all costs.

This newest installment in Ms. Melton's SEAL series is a heartfelt winner, and I highly recommend it. I can't wait for further books in the series!

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