Book Review of Embraced by the Light

Embraced by the Light
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Taken from inside the front cover:

Living proof that there is life after death.

Near-death experiences are not caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain, or drugs, or psychologial stresses evoked by the fear of dying. Almost twenty years of scientific research has documented that these experiences are a natural and normal process. We have even documented an area in the brain which allows us to have the experience. That means that near-death experiences are absolutely real and not hallucinations of the mind. They are as real as any other human capability; the are as real as math, as real as language.

Embraced By The Light is really a textbook of the near-death experience, written as a simple and wonderful story that we can all understand. There is a great secret contained int his book. It is a secret that you already know. It is something that the great prophets and spiritual leaders have tried to tell us for thousands of years. Betty Eadie learned it by nearly dying. It has the power to change your life.