Book Review of Gifts from the Sea

Gifts from the Sea
Gifts from the Sea
Author: Jane Goodger
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Jane Goodger is a new author for me and started reading her more recent titles first. After giving mediocre reviews, I looked at her backlist and this one jumped out at me. I'm so glad it did!

Gifts from the Sea is wonderfully romantic tale about love lost and second chances. Jared is a softie hiding behind a rough outer shell and wants to die after losing his family. Rachel can't find closure over her husband's death at sea yet finds herself attracted to Jared. From there, their chemistry sparks and love blooms with all the obligatory push-and-pull, misunderstandings, and fear of unrequited love that make us romance fans love the genre. Although the sexual build-up was there, explicit sex was not, which isn't surprising coming from an older book. Regardless, this is one of those stories that will make you let out a deep sigh from thoroughly enjoying an excellent read. I was completely enthralled. Highly recommended with 4.5 stars!