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Book Review of Dying Breath (Krewe of Hunters, Bk 21)

Dying Breath (Krewe of Hunters, Bk 21)
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The first time Vickie Preston saw a ghost was when she was 17. She was
babysitting for her neighbors and a killer broke in with the intention of
killing them both. The neighbors oldest son, Dylan, had died a year or so
previously. He appeared and told her to get out ... actually saving their

The man who tried to kill her was shot by a street cop and now resides behind
bars for the rest of his life.

Seven years have passed and Special Agent Griffin Price and his partner Special
Agent Jackson Crow are looking for a man the news media have dubbed the
Undertaker. He takes young women and hides them away. If the police don't find
them in a short time, they will suffocate and die.

The Undertaker has started leaving messages ... messages that mention Vickie.
Price and Crow approach Vickie and ask for her help. As a historian, she has
the knowledge to help uncover the graves the killer is choosing. But she also
has another, unique lead: the spirit of one of the victims is appearing to her
in dreams.

More women will be taken and it is with Vickie's help that they interpret the
clues and find 3 women still alive. Griffin is determined that nothing will
happen to Vickie ... but the Undertaker has other ideas.

Heather Graham is well known for her paranormal romantic suspense books ... and
I was not disappointed in this one. There are 20 books ahead of this one, but
it stands alone on its own merits. The characters are finely developed, some
with flaws, some without. Griffin and Jackson work for a special unit of the
FBI ... they all have a gift. They can see the dead, hear the dead, or in some
way communicate with the dead.

There is a lot of history of Boston from the 1700s forward all intertwined
seamlessly that adds so much credibility to the story.

Like a little paranormal? Like a little romance? Like a well crafted mystery?
You will definitely like this one.

Many thanks to the author / Harlequin (US & Canada) / Netgalley for the digital
copy of DYING BREATH. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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