Book Review of Burial Ground (Moundmaster, Bk 1)

Burial Ground (Moundmaster, Bk 1)
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Contract archeologist Dr. Graham is good, but business is slow. On top of that a new competitor moves into town, Dr. Courtney, a rather attractive if a bit brusque female archeologist. At the same time he is hired by a wealthy landowner who wants to have his land examined, because there might be an ancient Indian burial site located on it (with possible treasure!). Unfortunately, Dr. Graham's client is killed in an automobile accident shortly afterward. There is one peculiar thing about the accident, though - the coroner finds an extra tooth that does not belong to the victim.

The landowner's son extends Dr. Graham's contract, because he is convinced his father's death has something to do with the suspected burial ground on the land. So Drs. Graham and Courtney set out searching for it, but soon realize that someone does not want it found!

Nice story - it meanders at a slow pace, but keeps you interested enough, because of the characters.