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Book Review of Lissa's Groom

Lissa's Groom
Lissa's Groom
Author: Jill Henry
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Marshall Jack Emerson awoke to find himself injured and in a strange bed with a beauty claiming to be his fiancee. How could he remember proposing to Lissa banks if all he could recall was his first name? Nothing seemed right except the tender touch of the sweet blue-eyed angel tending his wounds.

Newly widowed on a rugged frontier, Lissa banks had no choice but to agree to a mail-order marriage if she wanted to save her ranch. But when her groom didn't show, she was ready to give up hope...until she spotted a man lying on the ground, looking close to death. Surely this had to be her betrothed-his handsome appearance matching the description he'd given in his letter.

As man and wife, Jack and Lissa's desire for one another makes their union whole. But when Jack regains his memory, danger threatens to tear them apart...and they must place their faith and love in the forces that brought them together.