Book Review of Chocolat : A Novel

Chocolat : A Novel
Chocolat : A Novel
Author: Joanne Harris
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
augieandlourock avatar reviewed on + 117 more book reviews

I liked this book.I cant wait to read the sequel and find out what happned to Vianne and her daughters.Because the book left us hanging at the end where Vianne knows she is pregnant and knows she will be blowing out with the wind.I loved all the mention of all the chocolate in the book it made me hungry as I was reading it.This was a book were you could relate to the characters which is important to me.I ended up hating Pere, who tried to sabotage the chocolate shop.I loved Armande she was one of my favorites in the book.I felt for Josephine whose husband Muscat abused her.I liked Vianne and her daughter Anouck.I also loved the story of the bells at Easter. I also felt sorry for Vianne when she was young and her mother who was sick who made her run away with her.They could never stay in one place.I also thought the movie was just as good.This is a good book to read.I will definatley be reading other books by this author.She pulls you into the story and makes you feel like your there observing everything going on in the story.I was carried away which I like in a book.