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Book Review of Bury Me Deep

Bury Me Deep
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This story is based on an actual event but Megan Abbot decided to change the outcome of her story.

Its 1931 and Marion Seeleys husband is a doctor with a drug addiction. In order to work, he must go to Mexico and provide medical assistance to poor miners. He feels its too dangerous for her to go to with him, so he leaves her in Phoenix, where she works for a local doctor as a transcriptionist.

Marion befriends Louise, an outgoing nurse, and her roommate Ginnie, who is suffering from tuberculosis. Louise and Ginnie are party girls and spend many evenings entertaining the wealthy local men. Marion finds herself drawn into their lifestyle and into an affair with a wealthy local man.

Then things fall apart and Marion is entangled in the deaths of her friends and facing her husband with her infidelities.

I had a hard time getting into the story its written in a very noir vein. But once I got used to the writing style, one you would expect from a writer of that era rather than this, I found myself drawn into the story.