Book Review of Cocktails for Three

Cocktails for Three
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Okay, so as Madeleine Wickham, I mostly cannot stand Sophie Kinsella. This book is a perfect example of the distaste I have for the nomme de plume of Wickham. In Cocktails for Three, I just couldn't get over some of the immorality that was going on around which I wish I could explain more but there are just too many spoilers. As Sophie Kinsella, the author's work relies on the characters to figure themselves out even though they may be pideonholed into categories based on their outward appearance. As Madeleine Wickham, I feel like the characters are skewed and just don't make sense. They really have no moral baseline, especially some of the characters in this book, or carry on way too far, making the story unpalletable and just plain annoying. I cannot recommend this book to anyone who is searching for another book written by the author as Sophie Kinsella. I'm afraid to say that, in my opinion, the writing just isn't the same and isn't nearly as effective, meaningful, or even entertaining.