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Book Review of The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fellowship of the Ring
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What an entertaining read! Not having read this book even though my daughters all did, I felt it was time that I, too, turned its pages. Bilbo Baggins celebrates his eleventy-fifth birthday and decides to go traveling. Before he leaves he gives up Ring of Power, bestowing it on his nephew and friend, Frodo. He had found the ring years before on a journey described in The Hobbit. However, strange, evil horsemen begin to appear and Frodo decides to follow Bilbo. As he and his friends travel they find their way impeded by several evil black horsemen, intent upon capturing the ring from Frodo. Tolkien takes the hobbits on a peril filled journey as they plan to destroy the ring whose power corrupts anyone who uses it. What a fantasy! Tolkien was as private as Bilbo and has said that he was this unique little man. Part of the fun of reading this novel was checking out background on the author and the novel in his authorized biography.