Book Review of Anoka

Author: Rick Wallace
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Paperback
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Tim Henry and his wife Joan have longed for a place they could get away from all the rigors of suburban life in northern Maine. To their surprise, Tim spots an ad one day advertising 15 acres for sale along the shore of Pocosumoc Lake. It could be just what theyre looking for. It only takes one trip up to the lake to make an offer and seal the deal. However, over the next few weeks, Tim and Joan began to have second thoughts about their dream retreat. For starters, Vern, the man who sold them the land, is now very hard to contact. Ike, the owner of the General Store, repeatedly wishes them good luck and hopes it works out for them. The final straw is when Joan goes for a swim and has to fight for her life when something begins pulling her down. Tim is reluctant to give up the prime piece of property and launches a plan to find out what secrets the lake might hold in its grip. What follows is an encounter with something so terrifying that Tim will never be the same again.

Anoka by Rick Wallace is an entertaining novel of suspense, set in the woods of Northern Maine. Wallace uses his outdoor experience to write a novel that is definitely worth reading. Unlike some others in this genre, Wallace relies more on the imagination of the reader than on a graphic description of the characters are experiencing. I consider this to be a real plus. While I have never visited the northeast, I have lived in small southern towns and can identify with living in a town with a colorful past. In many places in the south, secrets are guarded at all costs. In Anoka, Tim and Joan are told a lie of omission about their new property by the lake because the locals were determined that the secret surrounding the lake remain unknown to outsiders. Unfortunately, this secret almost cost Tim and Joan their lives. This book deserves 5 stars.-Jud Hanson