Book Review of The 10th Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic?

The 10th Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic?
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This book runs very parallel to everything that happens in the movie, which I've watch at least a couple of dozen times (marathon the DVD while playing on the computer or something. :D). I think without having seen the movie, a lot of the dialogue would be really boring because the inflections just aren't well described at all. Luckily, I could hear the dialogue from the movie in my head as I read this one, which is what made the book better to me. If someone were to read it alone without the movie, it may seem a little boring or overly cheezy. I did like that they had some extra personal thoughts for the characters, which I'll keep in mind the next time I watch the movie, because it helps to give them more depth. There were also some differences, like where Acorn takes Clay Face's place in the swamp, but it works well either way. This book is a definite read if you loved the movie and just want to re-experience it in a different way.