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Book Review of The 9th Judgment (Women's Murder Club, Bk 9)

The 9th Judgment (Women's Murder Club, Bk 9)
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Sergeant Lindsay Boxes and her team of co-workers, friends and outside influences are battling two horrific crime scenes simultaneous. There is only so much of Lindsay to go around which is why she has surrounded herself with great friends and women who are as supportive as they are brutally honest. This time though Lindsay is truly out there on her own as she battles a high profile robbery turned homicide and serial killer who is targeting young mothers and their babies.

While the burglary seems to be part of a string performed by the Hello Kitty bandit the question of why someone got killed this time is puzzling. The husband is an actor that may be putting on a great performance for the police as his story is so well rehearsed that it might not be believable and his excuses too flimsy. But the truly baffling crime spree seems to be coming from someone who is shooting women and their children leaving cryptic messages at each crime scene with the same letters but in different order. Nothing matches anything ever witnessed before and Lindsay is willing to put everything she has on the line to get this one closed even take her clothes off and prance around just to prove to the killer she is serious about stopping him.

While the murder of the rich socialite gets the attention the serial killer is escalating his behavior and making less sense at each crime scene. Lindsay tries to stay on top of both fronts but when the demands from the serial killer make it seem like he is less about vengeance and more about money she turns her attention in that direction because this person is truly more dangerous.

But just as things seem to be completely out of control the Hello Kitty bandit calls Lindsay and confesses to the burglaries but not the murder and convinces Lindsay that something is not adding up on any front with any of the husband's story. Yet just when you think nothing can get stranger it does and in the minute it takes to open a package or ring a doorbell everything explodes and goes into every other direction you thought it might lead.

Pay attention readers because this book moves fast, furious and in 10 different directions which lead you on a journey of unexpected conclusion. While this series has every woman plays a specific and critical role in this book Lindsay is the character that plays out as the lead. She is running two cases, trying to manage a personal life that seems to finally come together and dealing with departmental politics something she is not particularly good at. Her friends are there to keep the storyline flavorful and add some touches of honesty but overall Lindsay shines as the one woman in the group that does hold her own among everyone