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Book Review of Our Molecular Nature : The Body's Motors, Machines and Messages

Our Molecular Nature : The Body's Motors, Machines and Messages
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With illustrations, definitions, a glossary, and an index, this book makes an excellent self-study introduction. It is divided into 6 chapters.
1 - The Molecular World - Looking at the Molecular World, The Names of Molecules, and Molecular Building Blocks - takes a look at amino acids, proteins, genetic information, and carbohydrates.
2 - Building Molecules - Enzymes and Information - gives examples of important enzymes and how genetic information is encoded and translated into proteins.
3 - Powering the Body - Digestion and Chemical Energy - explains how our bodies take advantage of the food we eat.
4 - Form and Motion - Cell Form, Body Form, and Molecular Motors - delves into microscopic and macroscopic physiology.
5 - Dangers and Defenses - Toxins and Venoms, Detoxification, Immunity, and Healing - explains how toxins and venoms work, how they are neutralised, and how we heal.
6 - Molecules and the Mind - Hormones, Sense, and Thought - takes a look at how the body communicates.

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