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Book Review of On the Head of a Pin

On the Head of a Pin
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Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.com

When you open ON THE HEAD OF A PIN to read what the book is about, the first line that jumps out at you is "one thoughtless act can impact many lives." This is the basis for Mary Beth Miller's latest release, and it definitely holds true for the characters of ON THE HEAD OF A PIN.

Five teenagers, all as different as can be. There's Helen, the beautiful Homecoming Queen who didn't ask for her title. She wants nothing more than to finish high school and go away to college, so that she can finally bring her relationship with her boyfriend, Michael, out into the open. Her parents don't understand what she could possibly see in him, a boy already graduated from high school who spends his free time painting pictures. He's not the type of boy her parents want to see their daughter with, even if she does claim to love him. He comes from a questionable family, and he's definitely not the upstanding guy Helen should be dating.

Then there's Michael himself, a young man who spends all of his time either avoiding his father, taking care of his younger brother, Richie, working at a garage fixing cars, or taking his canvases into the woods to paint. Although he loves Helen and wants to be with her, he understands why her parents are hesitant about their relationship--after all, the tension at home is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Then there's Joshua, a boy who still torments himself over the death of his sister, Angela. He's come to the conclusion that he would be best served by becoming a priest, since he did make God a promise. But he's become increasingly worried about his best friend, Andy, who has started hanging around with Victor, a guy that gives Josh the creeps.

We have Andy, the boy who always has to be the center of attention. His stories get bigger the more he tells them, and there's always a mention of his parent's money in their somewhere. Although he's the one who inadvertently started the events that would change all of their lives, he's not about to take the fall.

And lastly the enigmatic Victor, the bad boy that everyone avoids as often as possible. He definitely has a hand in getting people riled up, but what is it about him that draws Andy to him like a moth to a flame?

Five teenagers, one gun, one disposed of body. One of the five is now dead, and another one soon will be. One goes crazy, one loses his mind with grief, and one will end up in prison. But how does this happen, to whom, and why? Pick up a copy of ON THE HEAD OF A PIN to find out--it's a great mystery for teens and adults alike.

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