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Book Review of The Shack

The Shack
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This fiction book was enjoyable, and at times brought tears to my eyes. I believe the purpose of the story is to help Christians have a closer relationship with Christ, or to bring people to a relationship with Christ. That being said, there was a part in the middle that got very bogged down with explanations and concept-explaining and I actually skipped a few parts because it was just to complicated. For this reason, I feel new Christians or those who are seeking, would probably put the book down feeling confused and never continue reading it. The basics of a relationship with the Trinity is simple and pure...and I feel this book complicated it way too much. It did give me pause about my relationship with Christ and the Trinity, and nudged me in ways that give me a desire to seek a closer bond. One author who reviewed it claims it to be the "Pilgrim's Progress" for this generation, but I don't see that...the way it is written is totally different. Bottom line is that it is a very good fiction book, with some effort at bringing people to Christ, but there are also some things in it that don't really adhere to what the Bible says, which also is a negative in my mind. I feel if you are going to attempt to draw people to the Trinity, then you should present Biblical truths in the proper way, but this book veers off course here and there regarding that.