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Book Review of The Silver Moon Elm (Jennifer Scales, Bk 3)

The Silver Moon Elm (Jennifer Scales, Bk 3)
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Jennifer Scales had the shock of her life when she discovered that she wasn't truly human. She found out who she really was right when she began to morph, which was perfect timing for her parents to tell her how she is beaststalker and weredragon. To make matters even worse, both the halves that make up Jennifer are at odds with each other.

Jennifer wants all sides to have peace with one another, and her trip to Crescent Valley shows this. Bringing along a human, Susan, her best friend who she finally revealed her secret to, another weredragon, a beaststalker, her friend, Eddie, and a werachnid, her ex-boyfriend Skip, Jennifer really does hope that things will go peacefully.

If Eddie and Skip can survive their fight with one another and her parents can get along, then anything can happen.

There at Crescent Valley is Xavier Longtail, a respected dragon who didn't fully support Jennifer when she was being chosen as ambassador, only because he doesn't believe beaststalkers and weredragons can live among one another.

Before she knows it, Jennifer is slowly influenced by Xavier's words, but not for too long. Soon after, an epic battle erupts, and the weredragons biggest threat, the werarchnids, have a huge advantage over them. Saved by a necklace given to her by her ex, Skip, Jennifer is left with Xavier, her family gone. This means that they both need to find common ground to save the weredragons and to save Jennifer's friends and family.

Will the idea of peace be totally obliterated or can it still have a meaning?

A wonderful third installment to the already imaginative series, THE SILVER MOON ELM continues Jennifer's journey of acceptance with even more obstacles to face. Jennifer becomes a stronger character and more history of all the species' is revealed. Detailed and intricate, MaryJanice Davidson and Anthony Alongi do not disappoint their readers.