Book Review of Dead Right (Stillwater, Bk 3)

Dead Right (Stillwater, Bk 3)
Helpful Score: 2

For someone who has read the "Sleeping Beauty" trilogy and "Exit to Eden" and "The Story of O", this book disturbed me. I understand that a good novel should be gripping and moving, I get that. But I shouldn't feel a little vomit rise in the back of my throat. The underlying mystery of the 20 years missing father is based on pedophilia and incest. There were way too many vivid descriptions that fed way too much to my imagination that I didn't need, or want, to think of - I didn't need to read this kind of garbage and won't pick it up again. I'll be glad when it's off my bookshelf. Before you ask, yes I did finish it. I have never been able to just stop reading a book (maybe I believe it will get better by the end....). I can't even give this one a full star - 1/2 a star and not worth the trade credit.