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Book Review of Firefly

Author: Stef Ann Holm
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Stone Boucher and his father were on a conflict course. Stone did not want to take up the reins of his father's profitable fur business. He was more interested in the trapper part of the fur business. After a severe argument between the two, Stone walked out of the house without any plans to return. He joined a close friend, a Seneca Indian, and they formed a partnership to trap animals for their pelts.

Nine years later, Stone and his partner were at the annual Indian Rendevous in the Wisconsin Territory when Stone noticed Kristianna Bergendahl at Fort Snelling. Kristianna, her mother, and sister are at the Sutler's Station, looking for some male help while Mr. Bergendahl was away in St. Louis. The Bergendahls are part of a group of Swedish immigrants who are farming in the territory.

There was considerable conflict between the farmers and the trappers of the region. However, Stone was so taken with Kristianna that he decided to show up at their farm, applying for the job of a handyman. On the same bulletin board that the Bergendahls listed the job, Stone found a notice from his father's solicitor, looking for him. Stone decided to hide out at the Berhendahl farm while he had his partner find out what his father's solicitor wanted.

The real charm of this book is the loving way the author wrote about her Swedish heritage. At the start of the story, Stef Ann Holm wrote about the assistance her family members provided in the writing of the story. Although I thought the story was a bit long, the author added so many facets of the Swedish culture that I thought the whole thing was quite charming and interesting.

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