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Book Review of Night Tales: Night Shift / Night Shadow / Nightshade / Night Smoke

Night Tales: Night Shift / Night Shadow / Nightshade / Night Smoke
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This book is a collection of four related books by Roberts. In Night Shift, deejay Cilla O'Roarke begins receiving death threats on her midnight to two a.m. radio request line. Boyd Fletcher is the detective looking into the case, and quickly moving to protecting and caring for Cilla. In Night Shadow, Cilla's younger sister Deborah, now an ADA is attacked in an alley and rescued by her city's mysterious vigilante. Soon afterward, she also meets an ex-cop and millionaire who quickly becomes important to her as well. As she works a difficult case, her life is threatened and her heart is torn between these two men. In Nightshade, Captain Boyd Fletcher's former partner, Althea Grayson, finds herself working with Boyd's prep school friend, Colt Nightshade, in order to find a missing runaway and put a stop to the pornography ring the girl has fallen into. However, the tension between the two leads to than just investigating. In Night Smoke, Boyd's sister Natalie finds her fledgling company the target of an arsonist - and herself the target of the arson investigator.

I really enjoyed these stories and the way that the characters from each had a cameo in the others. I enjoy romantic suspense, as well as the mystery aspect in each case, as well as the romance part.

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