Book Review of Relic (Pendergast, Bk 1)

Relic (Pendergast, Bk 1)
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First time I read this novel, I was so scared I stopped reading it when it got dark outside and then slept with the lights on. Same thing the second time around. By the third reading, I was able to read at night, but kept a light on in every room. The fourth reading was my last - no more fright, but still a page-turner. Never a dull moment. As you can tell, this one didn't get old very quickly for me. I'm a sucker for museums, archaeology, and a good suspenseful thriller, and "Relic" combines all 3 flawlessly. I truly don't think I've read any other book so many times and had the same intense reaction each and every time (well, except for the 4th reading). This is, by far, my favorite Preston/Child book.