Book Review of Breath of Scandal

Breath of Scandal
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On a night in her senior year in high school, college bound Jade Sperry endures gang rape at the hands of the rich man's son and his cronies. Years pass while Jade gets her education, has a baby and gets her life together, but she never forgets that night and her vow to exact revenge. Returning to her hometown to open a factory for her company, she lays the groundwork and succeeds in her goals, finding the possibility of love along the way.

Understanding this is one of Sandra Brown's earlier works, whoever edited this book should be strung up. The story line is fantastic, but the dialogue sometimes drags and the subplots seem to have been added as an afterthought. Dick Hill's narration was WAY overacted, still, it was a good story. It just didn't measure up to Sandra Brown standards. If you like audio books, this story would probably work well in the abridged version.