Book Review of Santa Clawed (Mrs. Murphy, Bk 17)

Santa Clawed (Mrs. Murphy, Bk 17)
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The Christmas season is upon Crozet Va. and Harry Harristen and her brood are excited. They are getting a beautiful tree from the Brothers of Love convent.
They arrive at the tree farm and one of the brothers is someone Harry knew in high school. The man had fallen from grace due to insider trading and became a monk to repent of his sins.
When Harry, Fair and the animals come back to pick up the tree, they fine Brother Chrisopher dead at the base.
Later his autopsy reveals he has a ancient coin stuck under his tounge.
What does it mean and why are the monks targeted??
When another Brother ends up dead, they know something has targeted them, and Harry and brood are right in the middle of it.
The animals of course lend the best part of the story.
For a couple of books, Rita Mae had gotten into heavy politics and discussions that did not lend a good vibe to the theme of the books.,
This one for the most part, stayed away from that.
I hope the furure books get back to the original theme, the animals.
The first ones, paydirt and wish you were here were the best ones...
Hope they take a turn for the better.