Book Review of City of Bones (Mortal Instruments, Bk 1)

City of Bones (Mortal Instruments, Bk 1)
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Up until a few days before her sixteenth birthday, Clary Fray could tell you with certainty that she is a normal human being. Then she witnesses an odd murder when she goes to a club one night with her best friend, Simon. Three warrior teenagers, their skin inked all over with tattoos, kill a blue-haired boy whom they claim to be a demon. In the midst of Clary's protestations, the dead body vanishes before her very eyes. Clary can't believe it. What is going on here?

Unwillingly Clary is forced to acknowledge the existence of Shadowhunters when her mother is kidnapped and she is attacked by demons. Shadowhunters dedicate their lives to destroying demons who try to exist in the mortal world. They also happen to be very interested in Clary, who is not who she think she is. In fact, her mind, blocked by a powerful spell, may reveal important information about her past and her true identity.

The Shadowhunters decide to keep an eye on Clary, and Jace, a tawny-haired pretentious jerk, sticks close to her. Jace is a gifted Shadowhunter with a troubled past and a penchant for acting...well, like a jerk, and Clary isn't sure how she feels about him...until the secrets of their past are revealed with a vengeance.

CITY OF BONES is, simply put, amazing. The characters are engrossing, the dialogue intriguing and oftentimes funny. This is a book with everything: love, war, secrets, mythical creatures. It will draw you in and leave you impatiently waiting for the next installment, as I am.