Book Review of Where Dreams Begin (Avon Historical Romance)

Where Dreams Begin (Avon Historical Romance)
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I've read a few books since I read this one. I put it in my "keeper" pile because it is a good story and I liked the characters. However now that a week or two has lapsed, I really don't remember the book or the characters very well. I think a test of a good book is in part, how memorable the characters and the story are.

I love the hero who is damaged and feels like he doesn't deserve love because of his past. This one is a bit difficult because the main "damage" is that he is of the lower class and works for a living. It's difficult to see that as a good reason for people to be apart. And it makes the main conflict a bit weak.

That said, Zachary is very memorable and I really like the way he treats Holly and her daughter. He is very romantic and their love story is well paced.