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Book Review of The Phoenix Charm (Magic Knot, Bk 2)

The Phoenix Charm (Magic Knot, Bk 2)
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Cordelia is the Pisky Wise Woman and since the King is away for a few days, she's been left in charge. While alone, she spends time looking into her divination bowl and spies upon Michael doing erotic things with other women. She yearns for him but cannot act upon her desires. She is half water nymph and her allure is dangerous.

Michael is fairy and his rakish charm and handsome looks are widely known by the women folk. His recent companion, Nightshade, is a Nightstalker aka Vampire. Though they may share a blood bond, Michael wishes it to go no further to Nightshades dismay. What Michael would really like to do is get a peek under Cordelia's high buttoned long dresses.

When a portal to the Underworld is unexpectedly opened, the guardians blame Cordelia and Michael and take the King's son Finian as part of the bargain to seal it. Michael and Cordelia, her cat familiar Tamsy, her son and Nightshade start a trek to the Underworld to beg favor of Finian's release. Along the way, Michael is given the Phoenix Dagger from his father Troy, who says he will need it to free Finian.

The council denies Michael's request for Finian's release, so he offers his life for Finian's. Michael's curse is the Phoenix Charm. He cannot die. If he is stabbed with the Phoenix dagger, than the Phoenix dagger can bring him back to life if he is grounded in the living world. They work out a plan among them, and Michael must bond with Cordelia so he can return to the living after he frees Finian. The problem arises when, after Michael gives Cordelia his mind, body, and soul, she only gives him her body. Her soul and mind are already bonded to her familiar Tamsy. Hopefully that will be enough, but even the greatest of plans can run afoul.

THE PHOENIX CHARM is a romantic fantasy of epic proportions. Ms. Taylor does a remarkable job of world building. Her attention to detail had me entranced. The sizzling passion between Michael and Cordelia, along with the jealously of Nightshade had me up late turning the pages breathless to see what would happen next. Romantic Fantasy at it's best!