Book Review of After the Parade (Dolan Brothers, Bk 5)

After the Parade (Dolan Brothers, Bk 5)
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This book is 5th and last of the Dolan Brothers series. I generally pass on stories taking place during the years between the two World Wars; I just cannot muster much interest. However, this series as a whole and this book -- are absolutely wonderful.

AFTER THE PARADE is a continuation of Johnny and Katherine Henrys story (WITH HEART). During the span of time between these two books, Johnny and Katherine have had a baby girl. She was born with no hope of living and Johnny blamed himself (he was Mud Creek trash).

Katherine was devastated by Johnnys coldness and his insistence that she get a divorce while he went to war. The story opens as Johnny is returning to Oklahoma as a hero. He learns rather quickly that Katherine has not gotten the divorce.

It is perfectly obvious that these 2 people are still in love but both are too proud to apologize to the other. Things continue to go downhill until Katherine finally finds herself at the lawyers office.

This book is a tour de force because many of the characters in the previous 4 installments either reappear or are mentioned in this story. The author did a lovely job of updating readers of the changes the families experienced.

I cant find anything to complain about this book other than I wish there were another one coming. Beautifully written with distinct characterizations are two things a reader can expect from this author. Ms. Garlock outdid herself; shes also captured a bygone era.