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Book Review of Double Cross (Alex Cross, Bk 13) (Large Print)

Double Cross (Alex Cross, Bk 13) (Large Print)
daedelys avatar reviewed on + 1756 more book reviews

I felt that parts of this one were a little slow, maybe because Cross's drama with his women is just getting old. I'd have to say one of Cross's most annoying traits is that the man is so co-dependent. I don't think I can recall him going two books without finding someone who he falls in love with. It's also kind of ironic that he's a psychologist and doesn't happen to mention it about himself but his adversaries sure seem to notice. Another thing is, is that he's an awful shrink if he can't profile his patients very well. That the killer and his co-conspirator are BOTH ballsy enough to be his patients and Cross not catching their odd comments and behavior is enough to make the reader groan out loud. (Yes, I know for some, it would be suspense, but did Cross forget killers like Soneji playing dress-up?) You'd think he'd be a little more jaded after dealing with all the bad guys and not take everything at face value.

On an "I wonder?" note, I had to ponder if the female author killed early on was a teensy representation of Patricia Cornwell (being a blond, mystery writer and all with lots of books under her belt, she kind of fit the description). I found some humor in it (twisted of me, I know) because Cornwell's books drove me crazy with their idiots-are-easily-amused plots.

It was nice to see Nana wasn't so irritating in this one and kept her complaining of Alex's job to a minimum. Nothing like having members of the family being non-supportive of you job to add to your stress levels.

Overall, it was the typical fast read because there is a lot going on, the chapters are short, and the print not tiny. Definitely good enough for a PaperBackSwap credit!

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