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Book Review of Enchanted (Medieval, Bk 3)

Enchanted (Medieval, Bk 3)
Enchanted (Medieval, Bk 3)
Author: Elizabeth Lowell
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2

Ariane the Betrayed is raped by one of her father's soldiers the night before she is to meet her betrothed, Simon the Loyal. To add to her pain, this same soldier accuses her to her father of seducing him and her father believes him. Ariane goes into the marriage despising all men. She can't bear anyone to touch her, especially her husband, nor will she discuss how her father and his men betrayed her. Ariane is especially fearful that Simon will find out that she is no longer a virgin.

Simon is distrustful of women because a woman he loved betrayed him. Her betrayal nearly cost his brother's life and he can't forgive himself for it. Her betrayal forced an oath from him: That he would never again give his heart to a woman. He, however, desires Ariane almost the moment he lays eyes on her and can't understand her coldness toward him. Simon eventually finds out Ariane's secret but doesn't believe that she was raped.

Ariane's father is a shrewd man. He decides to use Ariane's treachery to make war against Simon and his brother. After all, Simon will most likely murder his daughter once he finds out that she's no longer a virgin, and that would be a perfect excuse for him to make war on them and take their lands.

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