Book Review of Among the Hidden (Shadow Children, Bk 1)

Among the Hidden (Shadow Children, Bk 1)
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Luke has two older brothers, Matthew and Mark, which makes him a third child, which also makes him illegal. By law he should never have been born, by law he should be dead. So he hides on his family's farm in constant fear that someday, someone will find him.
However, it is he who finds someone.
When the government takes away the forest that surrounds his house, cuts down all the trees, and builds dozons of new houses, Luke must remain in his attic bedroom for what seems like is going to be the rest of his life!
He takes to looking out a small window in his attic at all the houses and their people. He knows that each house can have no more than four people living in them: a father, a mother, two children... legally, that is how it should be.
Then he sees a fifth face in the window of one of the houses. Could it be? Could it actually be another third child like himself? Luke must find out and soon meets daring, adventurous Jen Talbot... a friend that will change his life forever.

Please note that it is KEY to the plot to read these books in order, as where each book ends the next book begins.

#1: Among the Hidden*
#2: Among the Impostors
#3: Among the Betrayed
#4: Among the Barons
#5: Among the Brave
#6: Among the Enemy
#7: Among the Free