Book Review of Tucker's Claim (Hell's Eight, Bk 3)

Tucker's Claim (Hell's Eight, Bk 3)
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Tucker takes one look at Sallie Mae and stakes his claim. When the widow accepts, she believes it's for one night only, but their passion runs wild and deep. As a half-breed Indian, Tucker has no rights to a white woman and any relationship they may have would cause nothing but heartache and ruin, or worse, for both of them.

Tucker's violent life and Sallie Mae's peaceful ways are in direct conflict. She is a spunky woman and never backs down from him. This is one wicked, hot read as Sallie Mae discovers more about her sexuality.

As with the other books in the series, other members of Hell's Eight play a big part of the story. Great storytelling, fiery heroines, swoon-worthy alpha heroes, and desperados of all types: What else could you ask for?