Book Review of And We Stay

And We Stay
And We Stay
Author: Jenny Hubbard
Genre: Teen & Young Adult
Book Type: Hardcover
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I'm going to start out saying that I received the paper copy of this book but ran out of time to actually read it, so I purchased the audio to listen while I was heading back and forth to work. I think this may have given me a different view than others that have reviewed the book because the narration was done wonderfully well.

Emily's boyfriend brought a gun to school, threatened her, and then shot himself in the library. Instead of giving her an opportunity to work through all of that, her parents have sent her away to boarding school in Amherst. The now angry Emily has to deal with her guilt, along with learning everything in her new school. Oddly enough, her roommate also struggles with survivor's guilt and this helps to build the relationship between the two girls. Emily also is haunted by the ghost of Emily Dickinson. Between her new friends and ghost, Emily has to find her way towards healing and building a new life.

My thoughts:
As mentioned, I really got into this story through the narration from the audio. I felt Emily was a well described character. She struggles with questions of how to move forward while also trying to figure out her new relationships. She doesn't want to let anyone too close to her because she doesn't want to get hurt as she has done before. We get to know her motivations through poetry, mostly from Emily Dickinson. She searches for answers within the poems while also suffering from flashbacks of her relationship with Paul. I loved the blend between poetry and prose. To me, it added so much more to the story and gave a depth of emotions that only Emily Dickinson could have added. While I understand that a lot of people are upset about the disconnect they felt from the main character, I think if they listened they would have a different experience.